Thursday, June 17, 2021

Softcam Feed v8.0 (2021) for OpenATV v7.0


We have a new and improved Softcam Panel feed v8.0, now compatible with the new OpenATV v7.0 (Mipsel/ARM/Aarch64/Sh4).

  • Download and extract,
  • Copy the softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk to "TMP" on your STB via FTP,
  • Set Now on your STB press the Blue botton on the remote and go to Plugins » IPK Installer » Memory /tmp » Intall Extensions » Select: 
  • softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk
  • and press the Green Button,
  • Now go to the start, press the Blue Button and now you have the Softcam Panel were you can install and manage your softcams,
  • Have fun.

Softcam Feed v8.0: 

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