OpenViX for VU+ SOLO SE v2 & VU+ ZERO/4K, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K

HDMU for VU+ ZERO, FORMULER F1/F3, Gigablue Quad 4K & WETEK PLAY.

NewNigma2 OE 2.5 for Dreambox DM 520/525.

We have a compilation of the CCcam 2.3.2 exclusive for the  Dreambox DM7080, DM820 and DM52x equipments, off some popular Enigma2 images, like TSimage 5, Newnigma2, Merlin4 SysCC/DreamCC & Dream Elite 6.0.

PurE2 V6.2 for VU+ ZERO & VU+ SOLO SE/v2, Dreambox 520/525 & ZGEMMA H.S/H.2S/H.2H, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K
We are now supporting the GigaBlue equipaments, Which already has a large range of model´s, and starting today, we will provide daily Firmware updates to the latest model´s.

The Formuler Z7+ is the latest IPTV based and powerfull equipament from Formuler, that features a Quad-Core Hisilicon chipset, 2GB (DDR4), 8GB ROM, can decode 4K HDR streams and much more.

To make life easier for many, the user @mika created a custom backup of OpenESI v6.0, already with channel lists, softcams (already prepared PowerVu) and everything configured for the VU + Zero 4K.
Sony released Android 7.0 (Nougat) for its late 2016 and later models in May 2017 but the software was postponed for all previous models. It took 10 additional months to make it happen in Europe. Android 7.0 (Nougat) was released in the US earlier this year.

Axas E4HD 4K Ultra is a real all-rounder and offers options that are limitless. Also stands out the box with the Gigabit LAN interface and for the first time USB 3.0 ports and open up completely new possibilities for the future.