Tuesday, February 12, 2019

FW E2: PKT HYPERION v.6.3 (07FEV19)

PKT HYPERION v.6.3 VU+ Zero/Zero 4K, FORMULER F1/F3, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K

Monday, February 11, 2019

FW E2: Dream Elite v.6 for Dreambox (10FEV18)

Dream-Elite v.6 based on DreamOS OE2.5 for DM 520/525.

The New Beelink GT1 MINI with the new SoC S905X2 and Google Assistant

Beelink is a well-known Chinese brand, known for they good quality media player´s, and this time they have released the new Beelink GT1 MIMI, a small plastic square that hides all the hardware that we have available several versions, one of them with 4GB of RAM and command fly mouse with microphone in theory compatible with Google Assistant. The operating system is Android 8.1 , we hope to do a review soon of this new Beelink TV-Box.

FW E2: PurE2 V6.2 (10FEV19)

PurE2 V6.2 for VU+ ZERO/4K, Dreambox 520/525, Formuler F1, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K

Softcams: OScam v.11495 for E2, Prismcube & Amiko A5

OScam v.11495 (bin) with EMU for Enigma2 (Mips & ARM v7 & a9), Prismcube Ruby & Amiko A5

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

FW E2: OpenViX v.5.2.026 (06FEV19)

OpenViX v.5.2.026 for VU+ ZERO/4K, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K

Friday, February 01, 2019

Kodi 18 FINAL is here!

Kodi v18 Leia FINAL is ready to download, this new version that is now available, incorporates many new features, and substantially changes its internal code and makes for example that the compatible skins for this last version are only a few, since they need to be updated in each version. The adaptation process to this new one is expected to be quick since it does not change the environment considerably.