Tuesday, September 22, 2020

[EMU]: OScam v.11620 (.IPK & .DEB) for E2 (MIPS/ARM a9/v7)


OScam v.11620 (.IPK & .DEB) with EMU for Enigma2 (MIPS & ARM v7/a9), compatible with all images MIPS & ARM.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

[FW E2]: OpenATV v.6.5 (17SEP20)


OpenATV v6.5 for VU+ ZERO/4K, FORMULER F1/F3, Dreambox DM 520/525, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

[FW E2]: PurE2 V6.5 Beta (14SEP20)

PurE2 V6.5 Beta for VU+ ZERO/4K, Dreambox 520/525, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

[FW E2]: OpenPLi v.7.3 Stable (14SEP20)


OpenPLi v.7.3 Stable for VU+ ZERO/4K,  Formuler F1/F3, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K.

[EMU]: OScam v.11608 (.IPK & .DEB) for E2 (MIPS/ARM a9/v7)


OScam v.11608 (.IPK & .DEB) with EMU for Enigma2 (MIPS & ARM v7/a9), compatible with all images MIPS & ARM.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

[E2 PLUGIN]: BissFeed AutoKey

BissFeedAutoKey Plugin for Feed-Lovers NOT Feed-Hunters

[Android FW]: Beelink GT-King with SoC Amlogic (C92X/SB9X/SA9X (913P0))


It´s now available a new firmware for the Beelink GT-King powered by the Amlogic S922X/B922 SoC version 913P0. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

[Android TV Apps]: Amazon Prime Video v.5.2.47 for Android TV 9.0

We continue with the new weekly versions for the app of the streaming service Amazon Prime Video in its mode compatible with Android TV . This new version is numbered  5.2.47 and it still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store in many of the TV-Boxes and Smart TVs that include this Google operating system oriented to large screens.

This version includes support for 4K HDR in the contents that have this option available. On the other hand, the function of creating new profiles is not available to everyone, since it is being implemented progressively by areas and devices, so if it does not appear it is not surprising.