Saturday, April 04, 2020

[Android TV Apps]: Amazon Prime Video & Netflix APK for Android TV 10

Prime video and Netflix are one of the most popular applications/streaming services on Smart TV´s and in Android TV Boxes and by now, several new TV Boxes on the market, already have the new Android 10 have, so you can find below Prime Video apk and Netflix apk for Android 10.


DARKSPACE HD v.2.1 for Enigma2.

[Android TV Apps]: Amazon Prime Video v.5.2.3 for Android TV 9.0

It´s now available to download a new Amazon Prime Video app for the Android TV 9.0, it´s the version 5.2.3, an application that some devices still cannot download normally from the Android TV app store. This version seems to support 4K HDR and is more modern than the official 4.13.4 .

Friday, April 03, 2020

[FW E2]: SatLodge v1.3a for Dreambox DM 520/525 (30MAR20)

SatLodge v1.3a for Dreambox DM 520/525.

[FW E2]: OpenPLi v.7.2 Star by Japhar Team for Dreambox DM520/525HD (27MAR20)

OpenPLi v.7.2 Star by Japhar Team (GStreamer v. for Dreambox DM520/525HD.

[FW E2]: OpenATV v.6.3 (03APR20)

OpenATV v6.3 for VU+ ZERO/4K, FORMULER F1/F3, Dreambox DM 520/525, GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

[Android FW]: Beelink GT-King with SoC Amlogic S922X (with serials C922H, SA9H or SB9H (909P0))

It´s now available a new firmware for the Beelink GT-King powered by the Amlogic S922X SoC version 909P0.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

[FW E2]: OpenSPA v.7.4.006 (01APR20)

OpenSPA for VU+ Solo SE v2, VU+ Zero/4K, Formuler F1/F3/F4 Turbo, Wetek Play & GigaBlue Quad 4K & UE 4K & Amiko A5.

The New MECOOL KM1 with Android TV 9.0 Certificate (S905X3/4GB/64GB)

The MECOOL KM1 android set-top-box is one of the best in its price segment of TV boxes, which has a working certification from Google, that supports YouTube 4K, Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video 4K. It´s equipped with the AMlogic S905X3 SoC CPU which is a Quad Core manufactured in 12nm that reaches up to 1.9 GHz speed and integrates a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

[FW Android]: DreamTV OS v.1.3.285 for Dreambox DreamTV (30MAR20)

DreamTV OS v.1.3.285 stable firmware for the Dreambox DreamTV.