Wednesday, August 17, 2016

OpenATV: Softcam Feed 3.0 (2018) & CCam 2.3.2 (Mips & ARM) & OScam

We have a new and improved Softcam Panel feed 3.0 & CCcam 2.3.2 (Mips & ARM) & OScam for the OpenATV.


  1. Extract,
  2. Copy the softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk to "TMP" on your STB via FTP,
  3. Set Now on your STB press the Blue botton on the remote and go to Plugins » IPK Installer » Memory /tmp » Intall Extensions » Select: 
  4. softcam-feed-mipsel_x.x_all.ipk
  5. and press the Green Button,
  6. Now go to the start, press the Blue Button and now you have the Softcam Panel were you can install and manage your softcams,
  7. Have fun.

              info: all the tools that you need to install the softcam are included with the package (DDCE2 and VUCC).

Softcam Feed 3.0: 

CCcam 2.3.2 ARM V7
CCcam 2.3.2 MIPS

OScam v.11392 for MIPS

OScam v.11392 for ARM V7


  1. I have a DM900 , two DVB-S2 tuners, one CAM module (with normal subscription) - which do I need to make both tuners use the same codes from my one subscription ?

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