Wednesday, June 03, 2020

[FW E2]: SatLodge v1.4 for Dreambox ONE 4K (03JUN20)

SatLodge v1.4 for Dreambox ONE 4K.

– enigma2: 4.5.0r3
– unpause services on service stop to prevent deadlocks
– fixed PluginDescriptor compatiblity (broken since 4.5.0r2)
– fixed InputDevices configuration (broken since 4.5.0r2)
– StreamService
– DASH: start streams with medium quality instead with worst quality
– DASH: fix playback of some non-live streams
– DASH: fix seeking in streams with a PresentationTimeOffset
– DASH: fix backwards seeking
– HLS: fix playback of streams with an undeterminable stream type (assume TS)
– eServiceStream: remove illegal characters from stream urls (line feed / carriage return)
– meta-opendreambox/recipes-dreambox/enigma2/
– fix skin thanks to mmark
– fix gutemine plugin
– fix satlodge panel
– all other miner fix

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