Wednesday, February 12, 2020

[FW Android]: DreamTV OS v.1.1.274 for Dreambox DreamTV (10FEB20)

DreamTV OS v.1.1.274 stable firmware for the Dreambox DreamTV.

DreamTV: 1.1.274 changelog:

  • Fix sporadic crash when refresh now/next in live channels view
  • Add more discrete message when a stream doesn't work
  • Don't show VPN status if not configured
  • Add parental control
  • Fix deinterlace filter sometimes is not applied
  • Fix background job scheduler (keep sure to schedule only 1 task)
  • Fix reload channels (items don't disappear anymore during loading)
  • Fix reload channel after a manual sync
  • Fix input dialog sometimes doesn't hide correctly
  • Improve stalker authentication mechanism
  • Improve detection http redirect with stalker and ministra protocol
  • Improve Cloud Server websocket errors handling
  • Add TV Shows to stalker VOD synchronization
  • Add missing provider logos
  • Fix "password" label in ministra settings
  • Add support for STB pairing to ministra protocol

OTA update Install instructions:  
Copy the zip file into an USB drive, put the ZIP on your DreamTV STB and go to Menu -> Settings -> Updates -> Manual update. Choose the update from the list, press OK and wait until the update is installed.

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