Sunday, August 26, 2018

Amiko A5 Manual: Amiko A5 Soft Recovery (2nd method)

This soft recovery method should only be used when the Factory Reset method does not work for you.

What you will need:


  • Put the MicroSD in the computer,
  • Open AMLogic Burn Card Maker,
  • Change the language to English of the program as shown in the image in below,
  • Chose the drive letter of the SD Card in Select SD-Card,
  • Leave all the visas by defect as in the image and we chose the option of "formating SD Card",
  • Click Open to choose the .img recovery image and click on Make,
  • Turn off the box,
  • Insert the Microsd card into the Amiko A5,
  • With something thin hold down the recovery button (in the back of the box),
  • Turn the power on and press the recovery button for 15 seconds,
  • Release the button and wait for the equipment to complete the entire procedure can take up to 3 minutes.

If this method has not worked for you, you can try the 3rd method: Bricked Recovery.

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