Monday, December 25, 2017

FW E2: Black Hole 3.0.5 for VU+ (24DEC17)

Black Hole for VU+ SOLO SE/v2 and VU+ ZERO/4K

New image relased: Black Hole 3.0.5

What is new?
- Update and fix CrossEPG
- Fix Timer recording bug
- Fix USB recording
- Add Overlayfs for new kernel (Uno4KSE, Zero4K)
- Add Uno4KSE support
- Add Zero4K support (beta)
- Add VP9 Support (Ultimo4K, Uno4KSE, Uno4K, Zero4K)
- Add Dvb-S2X support (Zero4K)
- Add Multistream / PLS support (Zero4K)
- Add Blindscan support (Zero4K)
- Update Drivers (Last4K, Uno4KSE, Uno4K, Solo4K, Zero4K, Duo2, SoloSE, Solo2, Zero) Black Hole 3.0.5


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