Thursday, December 29, 2016

SoftcamControl v.2.3 for Dreambox Original Image

SoftcamControl is a simple way for those that want to use and control Softcams on the original Image on Dreambox.


1. Unpack Rar
2. Folder "SoftcamControl" to / usr / lib / enigma2 / python / Plugins / Extensions / ...
3. Just press the blue button at the beginning and all files and console commands are executed.
4. After the blue button (installation) adjust Oscamconfigs (/ etc / tuxbox / config /) to your needs and press the green button.

Suitable for original or non-commercial use.

Tip You can also make the configs files directly in the plugin folder.

In the folder SoftcamControl-Oscam, you can swap the oscambinary (must be named oscam) and configure it in the config folder.

The files are all pushed with the blue button in the correct folders.
So you only have to push the plugin into the image after an image change and
Press the blue button.
After that the green button and OScam should start.

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