Thursday, December 22, 2016

NVIDIA prepares 2 new versions of its Android Shield TV for 2017

According to a recent leak, nVidia is preparing two new versions of the popular nVidia Shield TV, and a redesign gamepad, nVidia is preparing to show the world in the next CES in January .

As shown in the leaked images, we have two new models on the way, a very small size and one with the same size of the current model. Surely the most compact model will be a redesign eliminating the accommodation area of the internal disk and lowering costs as they did with their NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1.

On the other hand the conventional size model may include new hard disk sizes or port redistribution. The changes radically if that is the NVIDIA Gamepad presented to us with a very original polygon design, high quality control. We'll see how surprised we are at NVIDIA when we get all the official data, we hope we can present you a full review as usual.

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