Thursday, December 22, 2016

GUiDE: How to flash a firmware on the Dreambox DM 900

We have a simple but complete guide, how to flash a firmware on the new Dreambox DM 900.


  • 1) Download the firmware that you want to install,
  • 2) Make sure that the firmware is xxxxx.tar.xz,
  • 3) Power-down the box in the power switch in the back,
  • 4) Turn on the power and quickly press and hold the standby button, the  standby light on the box will flash red/purple flashes and when the button is permanently red, please let it go,
  • 5) Memorize the IP that appears on the display,

  • 6) Now on your web browser on your PC enter the IP of your box,

  • 7) Now, press the "Firmware Upload" and Browse the firmware that you want and start the flash process.

  • 8) Press Start and wait till it finish and then press "click here to Reboot" and it´s done.

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