Saturday, January 23, 2016

FW E2 WETEK PLAY: MNIGMA v.0.1 for WeTek Play (22JAN16)

Experimental release of PLi based Enigma2 for WeTekPlay.

Changelog :

Low level:
- New kernel drivers E2-wetek
- New AML media libraries
- Probably fixed DVB-T2 problem. 'Probably' as in 'can't test it'.

E2 level:
- Restore of backup fixes some confusion with softcams
- Improved handling of http streams 
- Feeds updated
- Some translations

Note: As ever, be aware. This is a rolling release, crucial drivers and libraries were renewed. 
This spells; probable benefits as well as possible problems. 
On-line update from the last release with the new kernel ist OK.

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