Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OFFICIAL FW HD1/HD2/HD3: UNiBOX HDX factory Image vom {28JUL12}

UNiBOX HDX factory Image vom

Images changelog:
- Fixed recording issue
- Improved smartcard readers
- Improved TS, xvid play

Change log: 
- Added DVB-T automatic scan 
- Added DVB-C automatic scan 
- Added support for 4rd tuner on HD-3 model connected to USB 
- Fixed MediaPlayer - RED and BLUE button - are mapped now to PREVIOUS / NEXT 
- Fxied format HDD - creating movie catalog after format 

- Fixed 4:3 and Pillarbox format - they were reserved
- Fixed recogniation of HD-2 model
- Updated Stream IPTV Plugin
- Updated nSteam TV Plugin
- Updated Enigma2 to latest CVS
- Updated OE to lastest GIT
- Added option to nStreamPlayer and StreamTV - if no internet connected - there will be a message to plug in a cable 
- Updated DVB-T DVB-C DVB-S2 USB dongles drivers
- Added latest micoms inside

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