Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FW HD1/HD2/HD3: Persian Empire E2 (Open PLi Based) RC {03AGO12}

Persian Professionals Team Proudly Presents "Persian Empire" Enigma2 Images (Open PLi Based) RC - Release Candidate

Persian Empire ChangeLogs :

- based on Open PLi 2.1 PE Mode with new changes
- based on 2nd generation of PE Mode kernels
- fancontrol2 removed for all boxes except dm500hd and dm800se
- FHD1-Eminem Full HD 1080p skin updated
- includes hdglass 16 skin version 6.33 without pyc and py32o files
- problems with foreca plugin and hdglass skin fixed
- old CCcam.cfg creator with 5 CLine support is back again , use telnet and enter
- htop and iptraf is ok , use telnet and enter htop or iptraf
- includes Auto Repair function for Font Changer (2 minutes) , you can use telnet of course :
- all timezones updated to 2012
- long press green button for Persian Palace
- swap manager added
- device manager added
- service editor added
- so many plugins translated by Mehdi (CentOS) , so we have new Persian translations
- better Wireless AP support
- better oscam support
- VFD support for gigablue
- some plugins removed/added
- smaller size for lite version (we should call it something else because it's far far away from Persian Empire)
- ...

Persian Palace ChangeLogs :

- now supports MultiCS r62 and NCam 0.2.2
- now you can generate CCcam.channelinfo and oscam.srvid based on you lamedb file
[this is a huge process so you can measure the power of the processor by this simple job]
- some layout changes like main menu , about , tools , ...
- oscam.srvid problems fixed
- size reduced
- faster than before
- includes BISS Key Adder , first enigma2 GUI app for entering BISS key manually
[select the channel that you wanna enter key for it (watch it)
do Restart GUI
from Keys - SoftCam Downloader section choose BISS Key Adder
enter 16 characters HEX key and leave the rest for automatic SoftCam.Key creation]
- now you can enter direct link of an ipk file and leave the rest for automatic installation (URL Install)
- chipset detector added to Hardware Information
- Owghat added for Persian people
- CHMOD Changer GUI added , 644 and 755
- boot/fpga upgrade removed due to security reasons
- ...

Persian Grandeur ChangeLogs :

- Persian Professionals andorid app for Persian Empire image and Persian Palace plugin
- first build (private test only for our team members)
[we're working on our Andorid app and it will be released soon , free and in apk format with direct link
with this app you can do more than just other enigma2 apps
it has based features (you can see them in any app) + so many of Persian Palace features
you will be surprised for world's best enigma2 android app
stay tuned]

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