Saturday, October 21, 2023

[E2 PLUGIN]: XStreamity v4.17

XStreamity v4.17 is a plugin for playing official Xtream Codes IPTV playlists.

XStreamity changelog:

  • For Openpli 8.3+ please install from plugin feeds first to load required dependencies.
  • Then you can load the latest from this forum over the top.
  • Logo Tweak – straightened the “X”
  • Removed rogue hyphen line –
  • Removed duplicate imports –
  • Removed unused menu list and corrected the enablewraparound on the real menu list / removed duplicate variable –
  • Reordered some code –
  • Removed enigma2.php reference as its no longer used in this plugin –
  • Minor amend to haze skin lists
  • Added reset data to main menu – incase you need to clear the json file – so you can do it from the plugin now rather than ftp.
  • Added a restart gui prompt to main settings for the options that require a restart gui
  • Added a default port 80 for playlist settings – for lines that don’t include it.
  • Main Settings – set the time convenient to you when your box is on.
  • Images that don’t allow threading (dreamboxes / older images ) will still get some freezing of box functionality when this happens. Viewing Live TV will be fine.
  • So set the download time when its not an inconvenience to you.
  • All other images should notice next to no freezing.

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