Sunday, September 11, 2022

The Smatrul BSD33W Smart Socket (Tuya/WiFi/20A 4000W/Alexa/Google)


These days, energy prices are getting higher and higher, and it is imperative to save energy in every way, so we give you know the Smatrul BSD33W, a smart socket that allows you to monitor your power consumption, as well as the possibility of disconnecting from anywhere in the world so you can save some energy.

However, we are not short of solutions to connect/disconnect circuits remotely, sometimes it is more practical to use something that doesn't involve going to make electrical connections in panels or junction boxes. A WiFi socket module can be simply plugged into any electrical socket, and allows remote control of the device whose socket is connected - and with the advantage of simply being able to change the socket module to any other socket, without complications.

In the case of this mini-socket module, we are dealing with a module with relatively small dimensions (8.4x5.0x5.0cm) and the maximum power advertised is 20A/4000W.

Smatrul BSD33W is compatible with the Tuya ecosystem in addition to the control provided by its App (manual control, scheduling, etc.), also has integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing the control of the outlet to be done through voice commands; and it also has integration with the hyper-versatile IFTTT, which opens up an infinity of possibilities only limited by the imagination.

The Smatrul BSD33W can be purchased for only €20.95 with taxes included for Europe:

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