Wednesday, August 17, 2022

[E2 PLUGIN]: XStreamity v3.70

XStreamity v3.70 is a plugin for playing official Xtream Codes IPTV playlists.

XStreamity changelog:

  • New time values for player infobar using a version of openatv component. All images show something different with their default module.
  • Removal of twisted downloadpage and instead use of my own custom threaded downloader. Should eliminate https hacks, SSL problems and seperate python3 code.
  • Better image handling for picons and covers
  • Parental control – only asks for pin every 15 mins now.
  • Ignores “allgemeines” from parental control “all” check.
  • Fixed hidden channels reseting if another bouquet/category was edited.
  • Removed custom epg url – People didn’t like domain/username/password being shown – user would now have to amend this url in the json file for the very few that don’t have a proper epg url.
  • Removed full get.php url from info screen – for security reasons – see above
  • Streams are now forced stopped before playing next stream on zapping to help prevent stream freezes if the stream wasn’t released quick enough.
  • If image doesn’t have up to date requests or urllib3 library – it safely fallbacks to an alternative
  • Removed manual update of catchup channel list – just rechecks channels that have catchup every time on entering plugin now.
  • Removed manual epg timeshift – (may no longer be required)
  • Removed manual catchup timeshift – (may no longer be required)
  • Added a reverse list option to catchup list times. Ascending / Descending.
  • Removed some logic that checked streams were valid or had stopped – i think it was causing more problems than solving
  • Changed default timeout to 6 seconds (it used to be 3)
  • Corrected TMDB director names. It wasn’t showing the director previously. Oops.
  • Updated English po/mo files
Due to on going problems with EPGs, I have tried something completely new. (again). Or more accurately copied lots of code from epg importer. ;)

Unfortunately this means I have removed the old quick epg again (enigma2.php), and also removed the epg importer import of epg.

Full EPG downloads on entering live category.

First time this download and processing might take about 1 min. No need to exit plugin as it should refresh epg lists when download complete.

If you use XStreamity on a daily basis. Then the EPG should be pre-loaded and instant after first initial download.

If its been a couple of days or more since you last used xstreamity then you will have to wait until the epg downloads again. (This is similar to what android IPTV apps do)

I have studied a few EPG times and offsets. I think I have worked out all the automation for this for the differences in UTC times, local times, British Summer times, server times etc.

Any existing timeshift offset query strings in your playlists.txt file will be ignored for now.

Still some things I want to change, but lets put it out there to see how it plays on various different images.

Most things should download in the background, but the way python works there will be the occasional lag or temp freeze as it processes large stuff in the background. Thats just the way it is.

It might be safer but I don’t think 100% required to delete your existing json file


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