Thursday, July 28, 2022

[Plugin]: DreamXtream for DreamOS v0.3


DreamXtream is a plugin that support´s xtream-content only compatible with DreamOS.

Support picon from the Enigma-Box, EPG from the IPTV server. DreamXtream plugin is only for DreamOS

i asked the programmer if its possible to get a file for IPK, he told me if he has time he will release a IPK plugin, but not yet!

At the moment the DreamXtream plugin works only with that boxes:

Mipsel -> DM520, DM525, DM800se, DM820, DM7080

Armhf -> DM900, DM920

Arm64 -> One, Two


version: 0.3-r8.0

– Catchup

– search

– few bugfix

version dreamxtream_0.3-r2.0.

v.0.3 arm64:

v.0.3 armhf:

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