Monday, January 03, 2022

[DEALS]: EMTEC X150 Power Plus 480GB SSD for only €39.99

At Amazon right now the EMTEC X150 Power Plus SSD in its variant with 480GB of capacity and with SATA3 interface, cost´s only €39.99, a perfect unit to speed up your old PC or laptop.

The EMTEC X150 Power Plus is an entry-level SSD storage unit with good performance and also comes with the extra warranty when purchased from Amazon. A good option to get a few GB at a very interesting price at a fair price, this brand has been on the market for some time with this range of products as well.


The EMTEC X150 Power Plus of 480 GB  capacity has a sequential read speed of around  520 MB/s and write about  500 MB/s. It uses NAND 3D TCL memoey and its reliability life is 2,000,000 Hours . As usual, it has a 2.5 ″ plastic box  and the communication interface is  SATA 3, making it compatible with most of the computers on the market today and years ago.

A very interesting SSD for its price and capacity that can be used to update any old laptop that we have at home and extend its useful life for a long time or to install it in any mini PC or Android PC with a SATA port.

Price of the EMTEC X150 Power Plus

The EMTEC X150 Power Plus SSD of 480 GB capacity  can be purchased at  Amazon for only 39,99 €  with shipping included:

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