Monday, December 06, 2021

The 24" MSI Optix G242 144Hz only €179


The 24" MSI Optix G242 is ideal for those that are looking for an economical gaming monitor, allows you to jump from 60 Hz to 144 Hz.

The MSI Optix G242 is a 24" IPS Full HD monitor (1920x1080 pixels) with FreeSync, which comes with an attractive design and ultra-small edges on the top and sides, which also makes it easy to use in multi-mode. monitor for a more immersive gaming setup - and that can be achieved without budget exaggerations considering its reduced cost.

The 144 Hz can be considered the new "base" gaming reference, without going into the hype of 165 Hz or 240 Hz, where the differences are becoming less and less noticeable. With more than twice the images per second that can be displayed against a 60 Hz screen, the fluidity against a 60 Hz monitor literally jumps into sight, both in games and even in normal operation in day-to-day operations (in things as simple as scrolling pages or dragging windows). At the input level we have HDMI and DisplayPort ports; in the case of HDMI, it is limited to a maximum of 100 Hz, it is recommended to use DisplayPort to take full advantage of it.

The MSI Optix G242 monitor is available for just 179€ on Amazon Spain:

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