Thursday, September 30, 2021

[Android FW]: ZIDOO Z9S Firmware v2.3.80 (USB Update)


Zido team has released a new firmware update for the popular ZIDOO Z9S. The new ZIDOO Z9S firmware v2.3.80 brings a lot of improvements, a large part of which can be found below. ZIDOO Z9S media player is powered by Realtek RTD1296DD SoC.



  • Optimized system stability.
  • Added the real-time bit rate.
  • Added screen casting function.
  • Optimized the problem that some videos cannot be played.
  • Optimized the system frame rate switching function.

Music Player:

  • Optimized interface freeze problem when there are too many music files.
  • Optimized album sorting function.
  • Fixed the problem that SACD album can not skip to next song occasionally.
  • Optimized the display of some interfaces.
  • Fixed the problem that lists of artists and albums don’t refresh when scanning.
  • Optimized the sorting function for the current playlist.
  • Optimized the device removal function.
  • Image loading speed and stability.
  • Optimized matching function.
  •  Added the loading function for artist list.
  • Optimized CUE parsing.
  • UPNP data loading speed.
  • Optimized scanning stability.
  • Fixed the problem that song details interface is sorted incorrectly.
  • Added the custom sorting function on left menu (….)

Firmware download:

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