Sunday, February 21, 2021

[Android Apps]: KODI 19.0 Matrix Final is available to download

The new final version of Kodi 19  “Matrix” is now available to download , the first stable compilation of the new generation of this popular player and content manager.

The most drastic change in this version is in the field of add-ons where it jumps to Python 3 and this will block all add-ons that are not updated , something that will generate many problems for sure. On the other hand there is greater control over the add-ons since the ability to overwrite in official repositories will be blocked. We will also have improvements to play content based on the AV1 codec  and it is now possible to decode this format by software. You have in this same article the complete list of changes of this new version that represents the future of KODI for the coming years.

Change list:
  • Playback:
  • AV1 software decoding, HLG HDR and static HDR10 playback on Windows 10, support for static HDR10 and Dolby Vision dynamic HDR on Android, and more OpenGL bicubic scalers.
  • Interface:
  • redesign : Music section redesign; new visualizations of metadata; changes to views of playlists; a new “now playing” view; improvements to illustrations and image files; New and updated graphical user interface controls.
  • Subtitle improvements:
  • Now select a dark gray color and set an opacity for the subtitles (especially useful in HDR)
  • Addons and Scrapers:
  • Change to Python 3. New Python Scrapers for music, Generic Album Scraper and Generic Artist Scraper. Binary plugins generally get improvements to system documentation, clean setup dialogs, and better help text.
  • PVR and Live TV:
  • PVR Reminders, Home Screen Widgets, Group / Channel Manager Enhancements, Dialog and Navigation Controls, Contextual Menus, New / Live / Finale / Premiere Tags, Channel Numbering and Sorting, Enhancements performance, API improvements.
  • Security:
  • Kodi will now harden the origin of installed add-ons and their dependencies, preventing third-party repositories from overwriting unrelated add-on code; broken or outdated plugins are now highlighted in the plugin list, so you have to actively agree to activate one; the binary add-on system now has increased security around data exchange between Kodi and a add-on.

Android ARM v.8A (64 bits)

Android ARM v.7A (32 bits)

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