Tuesday, November 03, 2020

[Android Apps]: Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 3 Now Available


We have the new Alpha version 3 of Kodi 19  “Matrix” available for download , a version change that revolutionizes this popular content manager. Undoubtedly the most profound change in the field of addons where it jumps to Python 3 and this will block all the addon´s that are not updated , something that is going to generate several problems for sure. On the other hand, there is  more control over addons  that will block the ability to overwrite official repositories.
In addition to this internal change,  KODI 19 Matrix  receives improvements to play content based on the  AV1 codec , now it is possible to decode this format by software. You have in this same article the complete list of changes of this new version that represents the future of KODI for the coming years.


Music Library
  • Small fixes to album duration for music in unusual folder layouts, and triggering rescraping of a single artist or album.

Music Videos
  • Fetch related album and artist info (including art, bio, review etc) from the music library where appropriate
  • Display all music videos for an artist, not just the ones related to an album when navigating by artist
  • Searching from the info dialog for an artist now includes all of related library albums as well as any videos
  • Possibility to use .nfo files so that the artist list can now show all performers from music videos, not just the main artist
  • Info dialogs will display data from the music library where there's a corresponding artist and / or album
  • Fix the  same director  search for music videos

  • Correct the color mapping of HLG HDR playback in SDR mode on Windows 10
  • Add HLG HDR playback as HDR10 on Windows 10 (as Windows does not support passthrough of HLG)
  • Added support for more OpenGL bicubic scalers
Skin / Look-and-Feel
  • [Estuary] Add chapter info from music videos to OSD
  • [Estuary] Improve the  next item in playlist  info for music videos by adding artist / album details if available
  • [Estuary] Improve the  Now Playing  info for music videos when not in full-screen video by adding artist / album details if available
  • [Estuary] Optional poster for music videos
  • Behavior changes to  DialogAddonInfo  buttons (eg contextual focus defaults to install, update, configure, etc.)
  • Add  PVR.TimeShiftSeekbar  infolabel to expose seekbar outside of the SeekBar dialog

  • Implement integer scaling support to improve the viewing quality of Pixel Art games

Information Providers / Scrapers
  • New default Python metadata scrapers for movies and TV shows (replacing old XML scrapers)

  • Add ability to apply a new subtitle URI to the player, eg URL, local file, etc.
  • Updates to allow  VideoLibrary.Clean  by directory
  • Improvements and fixes around PVR handling via the API

  • Remember  last opened  (vs current  last played ) TV / Radio group across restarts

Android ARM v.8A (64 bits)

Android ARM v.7A (32 bits)

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