Saturday, October 10, 2020

[Android Apps]: Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 2 Now Available


We have the new Alpha version 2 of Kodi 19  “Matrix” available for download , a version change that revolutionizes this popular content manager. Undoubtedly the most profound change in the field of addons where it jumps to Python 3 and this will block all the addon´s that are not updated , something that is going to generate several problems for sure. On the other hand, there is  more control over addons  that will block the ability to overwrite official repositories.
In addition to this internal change,  KODI 19 Matrix  receives improvements to play content based on the  AV1 codec , now it is possible to decode this format by software. You have in this same article the complete list of changes of this new version that represents the future of KODI for the coming years.


  • Display album duration in info dialog. Album duration can be used in smart playlists in the same way as for songs
  • Music: Read tags and and album art from music files served from an http(s) server
  • Music: Fix list view of files containing multiple streams
  • Feature: Audio decoder addons can now pass more information on Kodi (album, year, notes …)
  • Audio decoder addons can now pass more information to Kodi (album, year, notes …)
  • ASS: Fixed timestamp overlapping overlays
  • Skin/Look-and-Feel

Improvements to both music and video library artwork:
  • Better “out the box” behaviour, optionally use all image files found in media folders
  • Artwork levels – max, basic, custom, none
  • GUI settings for custom configuration of whitelists (replacing awkward editing of advancedsettings.xml)
  • Redesigned SeekBar that will auto-hide when video playback is paused
  • Fix scripts/plugins not being notified of abortRequest intents on app close
  • Deprecate xbmc.translatepath in favour of xbmcvfs.translatepath towards convergence with the binary addon API
  • Broken/deprecated add-ons are now highlighted in the add-on list, and you’re now prompted when you try to activate one
  • Fix: Prevent VFS addon changes (update, disable and uninstall) if in use
  • Fix: VFS addon problem, where Kodi needed a restart before showing a newly-installed version
  • Binary addon system revised to ensure higher security in data exchange between addon and Kodi (only inputstream missing)
  • Revised binary add-on system documentation for outside developers (only inputstream missing)
  • Internal binary add-on settings dialogs cleaned up, plus updated help text (audioencoder.kodi.builtin.aac, audioencoder.kodi.builtin.wma, screensaver.xbmc.builtin.dim)

Android ARM v.8A (64 bits)

Android ARM v.7A (32 bits)

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