Wednesday, September 02, 2020

[DEAL]: Blitzwolf BW-VP5 Portable Projector: 3800 Lumens, For Just 65€/77$


The Blitzwolf BW-VP5 is a new projector, part of the new family of low-cost projectors and comes with native HD resolution (1280×720) using an LCD, and with 3800+ lumens and only cost´s 65€/77$.

  • 1280*720P Resolution, sharp true HD video for a breathtaking cinema-like viewing experience;
  • 3800 Lumens, Ultra-bright image is beyond comparison.
  • Built-in 3W*2 HiFi Dual Speakers, bluetooth V4.0
  • Portable Mini Size, convenient to carry when traveling.
  • Up to 120 inch Projection Size, Create a massive screen, even in small spaces.
  • Projectors Reflect Light
  • Indirect output for comfortable viewing.
  • Simple Manual Focus
  • Quick and easy to set up and adjust.

The Blitzwolf BW-VP5 itself is a box that is neither too large nor too small, with its 1.2 kg of weight and dimensions of 16.0 x 17.0 x 15.5 cm, and hard plastic ABS that gives it good quality and robustness in construction.
As for image quality, whites are really bright and blacks, although not perfect, are well identifiable, all thanks to the 2500:1 contrast. The colors are well saturated and look natural. The speaker is able to reach impressive volume levels, with good bass and good quality in distinguishing the voices and remaining sounds of any film or series. Thanks to the 2500nits of brightness which in my opinion are very decent for the price. At the noise level, BW-VP5 is not at all annoying. Of course, the resolution is a simple 720p, although the input itself is done at 1080p.

Where To Buy:
Blitzwolf BW-VP5 Portable Projector is now availabe on Bangood For Just  65€/77$ on Summer Sale using this Coupon Code: BGSGVP554 , click the following button for order now:

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