Thursday, May 21, 2020

[FW Android]: DreamTV OS v.1.1 (Build 279) Beta for Dreambox DreamTV (21MAY20)

DreamTV OS v.1.1 (Build 279) Beta firmware for the Dreambox DreamTV.

- Update Amlogic Android base system
- Fix parental control check in live channels
- Update to gradle 3.6.3
- Add support for hidden configurations
- Fix resolution change in wizard
- Add suggest in wizard for 50/60hz configuration
- New language and time menu for wizard
- Renamed Ministra into MnStra
- Add french translation
- Add portuguese translation
- Add dutch translation
- Add russian translation
- Add search for Live channels and for VOD
- Reduce time for reconnecting to cloud server after an error
- Handle HOME button for go in launcher mode when pressed
- Fix width for time in channels list view
- Fix null pointer exception in activation wizard
- New scheduler for background sync
- Improve sync routine
- Add manual sync in context menu for live and vod
- Fix mac address sometimes is not detected
- Correctly clear old error messages when new VOD start
- Restored normal channel load at startup
- Wait for connection (and VPN if enabled) before load sources
- Add support for Amlogic player engine
- Update exo player library
- Better SurfaceView recycle
- Add preferred stream type in Xtream configuration
- Minor optimizations
- Reduce server load request when fast scroll on VOD
- Add proguard rules for background jobs
- Fix M3U from file will be deleted if synced more the once
- Apply Amlogic changes to Display Manager
- Fix build number detect crash if not correctly formatted

OTA update instructions:  
  • Download the firmware,
  • Copy the zip file into an USB drive, 
  • Connect the USB drive to your DreamTV STB,
  • Go to Menu -> Settings -> Updates -> Manual update. 
  • Choose the update from the list, press OK and wait until the update is installed.
  • Done.

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