Thursday, April 30, 2020

[GUIDE]: How To flash a Firmware on The Gigablue Trio 4K

The new Gigablue Trio 4K is out, and we a have a tutorial how to flash or update a custom firmware.

  1. Format the USB drive to FAT32 on your PC,
  2. Transfer the Firmware that you want to install on your Box to the USB drive,
  3. Power off the GigaBlue Trio 4K on the switch at the back of the Box,
  4. Connect the  update stick to the front USB port!
  5. Press and hold the  standby button in the front of the box!
  6. Switch the mains switch on to the back!
  7. If the update stick is recognized correctly, “UPDT” appears in the display, now release the standby button!
  8. A menu appears on the TV screen, select “Recovery from USB” with the remote control and confirm with OK!
  9. the box flashes automatically, then reboots automatically, the initial setup wizard appears
  10. The update stick can now be removed and it´s done!

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