Monday, April 20, 2020

NordVPN – Best value VPN with great performance and security (exclusive deal - save 77%)

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPNs on the market and it works hard to remain the best option available. It excels in all areas, from privacy and security features to streaming and Torrenting support. The latest round of tests found NordVPN speeds to be faster than ever before, nearly maxing out my baseline speeds with all servers (around 150 Mbps). It also continues to role out new security upgrades and features, to include full WireGuard support on Linux.
While there were some security concerns that surfaced last year, NordVPN has taken aggressive steps to further upgrade security measures across the board. With the steps taken below, NordVPN has gone above and beyond other VPNs in securing their service:

  • A long-term partnership with Versprite Cybersecurity for full security audits and penetration testing of apps and infrastructure.
  • Upgrading all servers in their network to run in RAM-disk mode only (much of this is already complete).
  • Conducting third-party audits to verify no-logs claims.
  • A public bug bounty program for any aspect of NordVPN.
  • NordVPN also stands out with the privacy and security features it offers. This includes double-hop VPN servers to encrypt traffic over two locations and Tor-Over-VPN servers. NordVPN also has a CyberSec feature to block ads, tracking, and malware domains.

NordVPN is also an excellent VPN for streaming, with support for many Netflix libraries and other streaming services. In addition to everything discussed above, here are some more highlights from the NordVPN review:

  • Apps for all devices: NordVPN offers a large selection of user-friendly apps for all major devices and operating systems.
  • Huge server network: With over 5,700 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN has one of the largest VPN networks you’ll find. Additionally, NordVPN does not use any virtual server locations. All servers run on dedicated hardware and will soon use only RAM-memory (no physical hard drives).
  • WireGuard support: NordVPN supports the WireGuard protocol on Linux operating systems. They are calling this feature NordLynx. Additionally, WireGuard support is currently in beta for iOS and will be rolled out to other operating systems later this year.
  • Obfuscation features: If you want to conceal your VPN traffic or use a VPN where they may be blocked (China) then you’ll need obfuscation. NordVPN apps have built-in obfuscation features and a full lineup of obfuscated servers.
  • Dedicated IPs: NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses throughout the world, which can be added on to your subscription. (It’s the best option for a static IP VPN.)
  • Verified No logs: NordVPN is a verified no logs VPN provider, having passed a third-party audit of their logging policies performed by PWC AG in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • IP and DNS leak protection: NordVPN apps offer excellent protection against IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks. The apps come with a built-in kill switch to keep all data secure.
  • Strong encryption: NordVPN uses an AES-256-GCM cipher with an HMAC SHA256 hash authentication, and DHE-4096 key exchange for Perfect Forward Secrecy.
  • Responsive support: 24/7 live chat support directly through the website, as well as many support manuals.

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