Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A New firmware update is now available for the Xiaomi Mi Box S

A new update is already starting to be distributed for the Xiaomi Mi Box S of  Android TV 9 Pie numbered as PI.2604 and with a considerable size of 654 MB. A new update that comes with solutions for various errors as well as improvements in system security. If this update does not automatically skip you, just go to the menu in Settings / Device preferences / Information / System update and click on Check for updates until this last update is skipped.


  • To work properly Chromecast have to delete cache and data of the APP and restart the Xiaomi Mi Box S . If you have errors with other apps, you must also use the same procedure.
  • If the system gives any type of fault, we recommend doing a Factory Reset from the system settings.
  • If the system does not restart you can try to enter restoration mode and perform wipes, read our  Xiaomi Mi Box recovery guide .
  • You can  leave your comments regarding the reception of the update and its operation.

  • Chromecast.
  • Freezing some apps.
  • Decoding errors in h.264.
  • Synchronization of Bluetooth audio with video.
  • HDMI compatibility.
  • Sounds when Xiaomi Mi Box S is in standby mode.
  • Gboard does not work when an external keyboard is connected.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S can be purchased at Gearbest for 52.60€/$59.39 using the coupon Elec including shipping:

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