Sunday, February 09, 2020

How to Recover Xiaomi Mi Box and Xiaomi Mi Box S from a Brick

Today we present you a small guide, how to recover from a Brick the Xiaomi Mi Box and the more recent Mi Box S and that includes Android TV as an operating system. This procedure can not make a unBrick of damaged devices or with serious errors in the boot system, in that case we recommend you using your store’s warranty.

Xiaomi Mi Box or Mi Box S recovery procedure

In this case we do not need any type of tool to revive our Xiaomi Mi Box, just follow a few simple steps, remember that this procedure is exclusively for the international version of the Xiaomi Mi Box and read the full post before doing anything.

  1. Download Android TV 6 Marshmallow in his Firmware Version r454 from HERE, HERE or HERE
  2. Download Android TV 8 Oreo in his Firmware Version Once-8.0-2167
  3. Download Android TV 9 Pie in his Firmware Version Beta 3
  5. Rename the firmware “.zip” that we download to and copy it to a USB flash drive formatted as FAT32.
  6. With a text editor we create a TXT file without extension called xiaomi_update with the following line of text: –update_package=/udisk/–wipe_data
  7. We copy it to the pendrive where we have the firmware and insert it into the USB port of the Mi Box.
  1. We will enter the recovery mode of Xiaomi mi box, for this we disconnect it from the mains, then we take out the battery from the remote control and reinsert it while holding the BACK and OK buttons on the remote control very close to the TV -Box. With the two buttons pressed we connect the Mi Box to the power grid.

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  1. Great informaciĆ³n, thank you very much, now muy MiBox is back to life.