Monday, December 02, 2019

[PROMO]: PureVPN Cyber Monday exclusive deal (save 88%)

PureVPN, is our favorite VPN that keeps connections private and secure to other websites and apps, is offering an amazing 5 year VPN deal for only 71€/$79, that’s an overall savings of 88% and just 1.19€/$1.32 per month.

Benefits of Using a VPN

If you travel a lot overseas, then you probably want to continue accessing the same websites & apps you use back home whether you live in the United States, Canada or somewhere else.

However, when you leave your country, your IP address changes based on your current location. Many US websites block access to users who are out of the country. This means you cannot access sites like NetFlix, Disney+, Fanduel, Hulu, and many others without a US IP address.

Here’s a few key benefits of using a VPN:

  • Stream Your Favorite Content without dealing with Country Blocks – I use PureVPN to watch US Netflix, US ABC TV Shows and access daily fantasy sports sites like Fanduel. PureVPN allows me to access these sites without getting blocked.
  • Protect Your Privacy – Whenever you log into a website/app, they record your IP Address (your exact location) on their servers. If you want your location to be kept hidden, then a VPN lets you use the IP Address of the United States or any other country to protect your true location.
  • Secure Banking Abroad – Your bank tracks your IP address to further secure your banking account. The problem is you need to access your account while traveling/living overseas to continue paying your bills. Using a VPN gives you access to your bank accounts without getting locked out.
  • Conduct online transactions without worrying about your data (or money) getting stolen
  • Connect to your business network securely
  • Avoid government surveillance.

Why Use PureVPN?

There are literally hundreds of VPNs available on the market but we’ve been using PureVPN for over 6 years and never realy had an issue with their services. Here are several reasons why I recommend PureVPN:

  • Cheap VPN service – PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPN services out there. They are based in Hong Kong and running a company out of Asia allows them to offer great services at lower prices.
  • Google Chrome Add-on Extension – we love their Chrome Extension that lets you connect to servers in the USA (or any other country) as well as access US Netflix and US ABC Network with the click of a button. It’s so easy to hide your IP address from your computer browser or phone.
  • Access Netflix – US Netflix offers so much more than the standard Netflix overseas.
  • PureVPN is No-Log Certified.

With PureVPN you can access via over 2000 servers across 140 countries, use on both computers such as Android smartphones and iPhones, smart TVs. , routers, and game consoles, access to Netflix and other streaming services, and ensuring that no records are kept of what users do.

Besides that, it even offers 31-days money back guarantee that allows you to use the service for more than a month as per your term. Now if that’s not an amazing deal to avail I don’t know what is.

That's exactly what PureVPN makes possible with its Cyber Monday mega promotion, which offers you an 88% discount on your 5 year plan subscription, and if you don´t want to miss it, just click the banner below:

Update: You can use the code blackfriday10 for an additional 10% discount.

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