Monday, July 08, 2019

[EMU]: OScam v.11529 for E2, Prismcube & Amiko A5

OScam v.11529 (.ipk) with EMU for Enigma2 (Mips & ARM v7 & a9), Prismcube Ruby & Amiko A5

  • [dvbapi] Moved #define’s to header file and made a few cosmetic changes
  • The CA PMT list management defined values are updated with proper info from the corresponding standard, ins tead of using OpenPLi’s poor explanatory text.
  • [dvbapi] Moved parsing of CA descriptor to a separate function
  • This is necessary for the upcoming changes.
  • [dvbapi] Moved reading of priority entries in separate functions
  • [dvbapi] When parsing PAT, save found PMT pid in the demuxer
  • This way we can later start the PMT filter without explicitly passing the PMT pid.
  • [dvbapi] Changes to a couple of log messages
  • [dvbapi] Changed variable name (cosmetic)
  • dvbapi_parse_capmt() returns the demux_id, not the pmt_pid, so use a proper variable name.
  • disablecrccws_hardcoded_for_Sky_and_Dorcel.patch by Pehedima
  • 098C , 09C4 , 098D , 0500:050F00
  • Added new tandberg keys * #42.0E

OScam for OE 2.5 Mips - Enigma2 (.ipk):

OScam for OE 2.5 ARM a9/Prismcube ruby (.ipk):

OScam for OE 2.5 ARM v7 - Enigma2 (.ipk):

OScam for AMIKO A5 (ipk):

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