Wednesday, July 24, 2019

[EMU]: NCam v.10.3 for MiPS & ARM

Softcam NCam v.10.3 With EMU for MiPS and ARM

  • -fix webif save issue with high var count
  • -Bug fixes and improvements to BISS2 mode CA
  • -Changed variable name (cosmetic)
  • -Changes to a couple of log messages
  • -When parsing PAT, save found PMT pid in the demuxer
  • -Moved reading of priority entries in separate functions
  • -Moved parsing of CA descriptor to a separate function
  • -Moved #define’s to header file and made a few cosmetic changes
  • -Fixed compilation with coolapi
  • -DVBAPI_CA_SET_DESCR_DATA struct was not sent correctly to network clients

NCam v.10.3 MiPS:
NCam v.10.3 ARM:

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