Wednesday, June 12, 2019

[EMU]: NCam v.10.1 for MiPS & ARM

Softcam NCam v.10.1 With EMU for MiPS and ARM

  1. [biss] Increased variable size to avoid potential overflow
  2. -[viaccess] Fixed CW checksum bytes for viaccess 2
  3. -Added support for a higher number of demux devices in CA PMT
  4. (Modern enigma2 boxes with FCB tuners can have many demux devices,
  5. so a new CA PMT descriptor that allows up to 128 demuxes (descriptor tag 0x86) is now supported.
  6. Also, the get_demux_options() function is completely re-written,
  7. so it doesn’t care for the order of descriptors inside the CA PMT message)

NCam v.10.1 MiPS:
NCam v.10.1 ARM a9 (VU+ SOLO 4K, Dreambox DM900):

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