Tuesday, June 18, 2019

[GUIDE]: How to flash a Custom Firmware on The Dreambox One

This is a simple guide intended to show you how to install a new Enigma2 OE2.6 Image to your Dreambox One Ultra:
  • Download the image of choice for your Dreambox One Ultra HD (Newnigma2, Oozoon)
  • Power off Dreambox ONE UHD via the rocker switch on the rear panel.
  • Turn on the Dreambox ONE UHD from the switch on the back, as soon as the LED above the on / off button lights up hold down with a finger upwards and release immediately after that the IP address will appear on the TV screen.
  • Type the ip address of the Dreambox ONE UHD into a browser or http://dreamone then press enter.
  • Click the “Firmware” upload button.
  • Click “Browse” button. Search for the downloaded image, double click on it then Press the Go! button.
  • Important: Remove check marks from Backup and Restore Settings
  • [*] Finished successfully. You may reboot now.
  • Click the “Click here to reboot” button.

Its also possible to put the Dreambox One UHD into RESCUE MODE from Telnet by sending the following commands:
  • Copy and paste each line into telnet / putty, pressing enter button after each.
  • echo "rescue" >> /proc/stb/fp/boot_mode
  • reboot
  • Follow the steps above, start from 4.

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