Friday, May 03, 2019

[EMU]: OScam v.11517 r795 for E2, Prismcube & Amiko A5

OScam v.11517 r795 (.ipk) with EMU for Enigma2 (Mips & ARM v7 & a9), Prismcube Ruby & Amiko A5

The patch allows N.D.S stations (currently only Sky SATs) to potentially overwrite the new 64bit CWs and optionally also throw them.

Please note the following:

  • The function is enabled only with "disablecrccws_only_for" and only in oscam.server in the config config.
  • you can be sure that with the dropbadcws = 1 in the reader configuration, a potentially incorrect CW is discarded, otherwise there is only one log message and no action is taken
  • Bad CW detection basically works with "only" 99.998% accuracy and so can theoretically provide a scam
  • Otherwise, the behavior continues to use a 48bit CW to a deception, as in the case of existing baggage, except for the arrival of transmitters
  • An incorrect message associated with ır dropbadcws = 1 veya causes the freeze to freeze or the station remains dark at all times when it comes to 48bit CWs.

Channel groups that can make reservations on the N.D.S map and still use 48bit CW will be HD +, ORF, HD Austria and PYUR.

OScam for OE 2.5 Mips - Enigma2 (.ipk):

OScam for OE 2.5 ARM a9/Prismcube ruby (.ipk):

OScam for OE 2.5 ARM v7 - Enigma2 (.ipk):

OScam for AMIKO A5 (bin):

LinkDroid / Android OS:

If you want to use Oscam with Emu of a more recent version of you you need to transfer it to the right place with the "plugin" facility or using it an FTP client (eg WinSCP):

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