Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Android TV Apps: Kodi v18.1 RC1 Leia, Now Available

We already have  Kodi v18.1 RC1 Leia  ready to download, a version that updates detected bugs in the official version 18.0. A version that substantially changes its internal code and makes for example that the skins compatible for this last version are only a few, since they need to be updated in each version. Soon we will have a final version of this new update that will also be distributed by Google Play.

List of most important changes in this version:

  • Speed ​​up Player and Playlists operations with JSON-RPC
  • Define a senseful default value for advanced settings "updateemptytagsinterval"
  • Revert edge case crash fix that caused DVDs to be not recognized on Mac OS
  • Remove "dxvaallowhqscaling" advanced setting to prepare for DXVA improvements in v18.2 for Windows
  • Linux X11: fix usage of required configuration values
  • Add date to the log records
  • Do not react on DPI change event on Win10> = FCU
  • Fix Android MediaCodec freeze on early disposal of a stream
  • Flush streamplayers if abort is requested which solves waiting too long (on skipping DVD intros, for example)
  • Fix ListitemAbsolute and ListItemPosition in GUI engine
  • Ignore very first "server not reachable" notification for PVR servers
  • Use extended result codes for SQLite
  • Fix invalid PTS decoder value which should inprove MPEG2 playback on Android devices
  • update SSL CA trust store
  • Handle empty vertex buffers in GUIFontTTFGL which caused a hard crash
  • Reintroduce setting "Close channel OSD after switching channels" for PVR
  • Fix thread logging on Android which causes eg frozen DVD / Bluray playback
  • Avoid attempt to load music info for smartplaylists
  • Fix Top 100 Albums regression
  • RenderCapture: Only query Occlusion if GL lower 1.5
  • Check current mode if whitelist does not match and take correct action
  • Check if app intent is valid on Android. This fixes to hard crash when trying to open Kodi again
  • Fix PVR input stream creation for pvr file items only containing a path and no recording / channel tag.
  • Fix playing VP9 streams using inputstream addon. It failed because codec extradata is non-existent for this stream codec.
  • Catch an exception while reading or writing a file
  • Fix logical "or" operation in GUI engine
  • Check the system capabilities to support sleep states S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 before reporting them as available
  • Fix crash in PCSX ReARMed with BIOS
  • Several Estuary cosmetic fixes

  • For Android, download the 32bit ARM7A version, the 64bit V8 version only for Soidia NVidia, Realtek and some Rockchip.

Android ARM (32 bits):
Android ARM (64 bits):

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