Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Softcams: NCam v.7.9 for MiPS & ARM

Softcam NCam v.7.9 With EMU for MiPS and ARM


  • - [dvbapi + streamserver] Added future audio stream types for ATSC (currently not activated)
  • - [streamserver] Separate PAT and PMT searching from PowerVu descrambling
  • - [streamserver] Added 'Caid' setting in the stream relay configuration
  • - From now on the stream relay accepts a caid setting via the webif. The relay will be enabled only for the caid(s) specified. 
  • - Channels with caids other than those specified in this setting will be descrambled via the dvb-api.
  • - An empty setting means the stream relay will be not used at all.)
  • - (This unconventional encryption system (data are XOR-ed with a dynamic key) works only via the Stream Relay option. 
  • -Refer to the wiki for more information on how to configure OSCam-Emu for use with Compel.)

NCam v.7.9 MiPS: 
NCam v.7.9 ARM a9 (VU+ SOLO 4K, Dreambox DM900): 

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