Saturday, October 06, 2018

Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch - white double key (ZigBee Version) (22.62€/$25.99)

Do you ever think about how many times you turn on/off the lighting controls? Do you ever feel that how convenient it will be if we are able to turn on / off the switch of the single or multiple groups of lights through one click on the cellphone? The Aqara smart light control is not only able to provide multiple control on the lighting system, but also comes with a remote lighting control. The ZiGBee version is the upgraded version of the traditional wall switch. Equipped with the ZigBee wireless telecommunication technology, there is no need of making a change on the old circuit or on the lighting devices. The only thing you have to do will be just replaced the old switch.

Presently, Aqara switches are of three types, and each of this types is further divided into two subtypes, The one button, and the two button switches, with no other difference between them, But the devices significantly differ in type. Narrowing down to the Xiaomi Double Key Aqara Light Control ZigBee Wireless Smart Switch, you can conveniently be able to turn on/off the switch of the single or multiple groups of light through one click on the cellphone. This  Smart Switch is currently available on Gearbest for just 22.62€/$25.99.

The Xiaomi double Key aqara smart light switch control comes in a Milk-white color and is made from UV-resistant material, which ensures that the panel does not fade or discolor. It has a dimension of 8.50 x 8.50 x 4.20 cm and weighs 133grams. It has a rapid response time of about 15milliseconds which makes it more effective and provide rapid/convenient operation experience.

The Xiaomi double Key aqara light switch can control lamps from 3W to 1500W when matched with16A pickup resistance relay. It is equipped with a temperature detection chip and a 5A fuse. It will automatically shut off when detecting a load higher than 1500W or the internal temperature exceeds 60Deg.C. It has a Wireless frequency of 2.4GHz ( 2400 – 2483.5MHz ). The panel can be pressed for more than 50,000 times[20 years in regular use].

The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Wireless Switch can easily be installed and can connect to Aqara smart device or other Zigbee devices through “MI Home” app. This tends to enable a wide variety of function. This installation can be done without changing the original lighting equipment and circuit. The commonly used lamps can be flexibly controlled only by replacing the traditional light switch with an aqara light switch. The device works with only Xiaomi multifunctional hub or Aqara air conditional controller.

With the Xiaomi Double Key Aqara Light Control ZigBee Wireless Smart Switch, you have the opportunity to personalize your lighting scenes with one press. When you wake up in the morning, the system can be tailored to create a soothing light wake up views just the way you like it. Before going to work, this device gives the opportunity to enable “leave home” mode with one touch. With this, you can press the switch to turn off all lamps at home and turn on your security system “Arm” mode. You don’t have to worry about turning on the alarm system. And when you back from work, with a single click of the wireless switch, you can turn on all the lamps in the living room and corridor to create scenes that suit your lifestyles. This device can also serve as a doorbell.

Main Features:
  • Xiaomi Aqara wall switch ZiGBee version 
  • Single key control
  • Wireless connection: ZigBee
  • Can connect to Aqara smart device or other ZigBee device
  • Input: single firewire 220V, 50Hz
  • Load range: no more than 800W / each, minimum: 3W energy saving lamps / 5W LED lights / 16W fluorescent lamps
  • Working humidity: 5 - 95pct 
  • Please download the "Mi Home" APP in Google Play or Apple Store

The Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch can be purchased at Gearbest for 22.62€/$25.99 including shipping.

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