Wednesday, October 03, 2018

FW E2: Black Hole v.3.0.6​ for VU+ (03OCT18)

Black Hole v.3.0.6 for VU+ Ultimo 4K, Uno 4K SE, Solo 4K & ZERO 4K.

What is new:
  • Completely re-written the BH EPG system.
  • Added EPGImport support
  • Added FreeSat, Netmed, ViaSat and Virgin EPG
  • Updated Sky EPG
  • Added options to Load-Save-Delete epg.dat
  • Updated CrossEPG
  • Fixed DVB Subtitles issue on some channels
  • Swapped Buttons around in BH panels to match layout of other images
  • Various Skin updates from MX10

VU+ Ultimo 4K:

VU+ Uno 4K SE:

VU+ Solo 4K:

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