Friday, September 28, 2018

[Hot Deal: 20€/$23.53] Xiaomi CXB6 Power Strip with 6 outlets and 3 USB ports

The new Xiaomi CXB6 is a 6-outlet Power Strip which is currently on sale at Gearbest. This power strip is currently selling for only 20€/$23.53 and considering the fact that this product will serve you well for years, it is obviously a very good bargain. There is currently a flash sale for this product thus this is the best time to make the purchase.

This is a very simple and solid product from Xiaomi. It does not have any complicated operation and it is just a simple elegant power strip which will serve you well. The Original Xiaomi CXB6 – 1QM 6-outlet Power Strip has 6 outlets and 3 USB ports to meet your different needs. It is designed for daily use and since it is compact. it saves your space.

The integration of copper process on the build of this power strip ensures a safe use of electricity. This product is molded from PC material and it is currently available in white colour. It further comes with an LED indicator with a downy light at night. These help you to know if the power strip is ready for use.

Main Features:

- Original Xiaomi charging power strip for daily use
- Compact design, save your space 
- 6 outlets and 3 USB ports to meet your different needs
- LED indicator: hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
- Easy to set up and use
- PC material, durable and reliable

The new Xiaomi Mi Power Strip can be purchased at Gearbest for 20€/$23.53 including shipping.

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