Tuesday, August 28, 2018

FW E2: OpenATV v6.2 for OPTiBOX EVO XFiNiTY (20AGO18)

A new update is now available for the Optibox Evo Xfinity, for those that want the latest OpenATV E2 on their Box »


(we haven't test it, use at your own risk)

  • 2) Copy to a flash USB the file and extract the files from enigma2_multi_datum.rar (fastboot.img bootargs.img kernel.img recovery.img logo.img part.img rottfs.tar.bz2) and copy them to the flash USB,

  • 3) Power off the STB and Insert the Flash USB into the front USB port of the receiver,
  • 4) Turn on the power and quickly press and hold the VOL (left when seen from the front) until such time as the screen will show android "doby", release the button and waits until the menu appears, 

  • 5) Now Select the second option (apply update from external storage ). The selection is made thick VOL VOL + and the acknowledgment is OK,
  • 6) Now select and press OK, and the firmware will start to flash,

  • 7) When the installation is complete, select OK to restart the machine, and you are done.

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