Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kodi v18 Leia - Alpha 2 available for download

The new version of  Kodi v18 Leia is an evolution that will bring us interesting improvements internally and that will even have support for playing DRM content streaming services such as Netflix , also in Android TV environments we can use the methods of Search for this system by voice or text. In addition to these changes we have important improvements in the network environment with support for new versions of SAMBA v2/3 that substantially improve the speed of transfer over Windows, it has also completely converted the code to 64bit in Windows.

  • Added support for speech-to-text in Kodi OSD keyboard on Android TV (triggered by voice button on remote);
  • Added support for Android to move the Kodi app to SD card;
  • Added support for Android TV Leanback search and recommendations meta data from Kodi;
  • Default setting for Android TV Leanback suggestion to random unwatched movies and music albums;
  • Moved to Android NDK 16;
  • Changed Rendertype from GUILayer to VideoLayer for Android MediaCodecSurface;
  • Changed to use NDK native C interface for Android MediaCodec (for performance gains);
  • Changed to support ZeroConf via native Android API (and deprecates mDNSresponder);
  • Changed to support network information via native Android API (and POSIX deprecates);
  • Changed handling of Kodi's Java interfaces via JNI for better consistency.

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