Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sony starts updating its SmartTV with Google Assistant

Sony has begun updating some of its SmartTV, with the possibility of using Google Assistant, and an interesting addition that greatly simplifies the use of these televisions with AndroidTV system. As always, this update starts first in the US models but it will also arrive to devices with a Spanish system since it is compatible with this language. 

The first models to receive this update with Google Assistant by Sony, are those of the year 2017 but it has also reached concrete models of the year 2016 , if we have an older TV we can forget it for what it seems, at least officially . All 2017 models will receive this update, either the simplest or the most complete with HDR or 4K. Among the SmarTV of 2016 that have received the update we have the SmartTV X750D, X700D, X800D and also the Z9D series.

Sony SmarTV 2017 models have a microphone button on the conventional remote control but for the 2016 models will have to use the secondary touch control that works by bluetooth and is quite uncomfortable. The use of Google Assistant is the same as in other devices that already have this service integrated, we can give orders, ask for time, actions in our calendar or ask for content from streaming applications that are compatible with this system such as Netflix. We will try to prove how it is carried out with our Sony Bravia 2015 models, which we reviewed a while ago.

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