Wednesday, December 13, 2017

NOS offers more than 110 channels without a box in the North of Portugal

NOS customers in the North of Portugal, will be able to increase the number of channels without the oficial Digital Box with the new digital channel grid. This means that NOS customers should automatically re-tune their TVs to detect these new channels (make sure they select digital / DVB-C channels).

NOS will reduce the analogue emissions from January 9 in the regions of Minho and Douro Litoral (which will only integrate 23 channels) but in return it reinforces the offer with more than 110 digital channels that can be tuned in the most recent televisions without needing to rent another box.

The 23 analog channels that will remain available for all TVs from January 9th onwards are:

For televisions that can not tune in to these channels, NOS offers rental of a digital tuner for € 0.99 per month, but it will be more advantageous for customers to purchase their own tuner ... or take the opportunity to upgrade their TV to a newer one and it will already bring a proper tuner.

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