Tuesday, April 04, 2017

FW E2: Dream Elite v.6 (03ABR17)

Dream-Elite v.6 based on DreamOS OE2.5 for DM 520/525

Changelog :

- added Display Skin Selector only for dm900 (support for dm820 and dm7080 will come also in the next days)
- fixed Wizard Display
- some updates and fixes from DMM

Display Skin Selector can be found in Audio and Video setup (Menu - Setup - Audio and Video - Configure Display Skin)
New skin can be activated with green button. Once skin was selected and activated GUI needs a restart. After restart new skin is applied.
To get back to standard skin you have to press yellow button in Display Skin Selector. After GUI restart standard display skin is active.
Implementation to download more skins from addon server will come also !

Previews of skin is disabled at the moment but this will be fixed soon, also translation will be fixed soon.

- added Display Skin Selector for dm7080 (support for dm820 will come also in the next days)

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