Thursday, April 20, 2017

Android 7.0 Beta is now available for the Xiaomi Mi Box (International Version)

Its now available a new BETA of Android 7, for the Xiaomi Mi Box the international version with Android TV, that includes the SoC of AMOGIC  S905X-H and 2GB of RAM. Keep in mind, that this is a Beta, and there are some bugs.

Features that do not work:

  • Automatic refresh change
  • HDR on Netflix
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio Passthrough
  • HD Audio on Kodi 17.1

New Features:

  • PIP mode in online channels
  • DVR function (recording) in online channels
  • New HDMI CEC settings
  • Installation process

Installation process:

  • Download the Beta,
  • Copy the file to a USB stick already formatted to Fat32, and insert it into the USB port of the TV-Box of the  Xiaomi Mi Box international version  with the equipment off and unplugged from the power,
  • On the remote control of the TV Box we press simultaneously the OK button and the return button and at the same time we turn on the power of the Xiaomi Mi Box international version. In this way we enter into Recovery mode and from there we update by selecting the option of external storage.

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