Sunday, February 26, 2017

FW E2: Dream Elite v.6 (24FEV17)

Dream-Elite v.6 based on DreamOS OE2.5 for DM 520/525

Changelog of 24.02.2017:

- fixed CIFS/Samba recordings again (broken since 4.3.0r27)
- fixed broken keyboard textfield input (broken since 4.3.0r27)
- prefer SVG instead of PNG graphics for menu
- skin_default: dropped duplicated ChannelSelection_summary for Color OLED (where the broken one was actually active)
- splitted up browser user-agent into browserUserAgent, hbbtvUserAgent and mediaRecvUserAgent and allow to change them from python
- added support for per service user-agent and extra headers in path part of servicereference strings
- some changes needed for external skins because of transition to menu SVGs

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