Sunday, August 07, 2016

GUiDE: How to flash a firmware on the Dreambox DM 520/525HD (EN/PT)

We have a simple guide how to flash a firmware on the new Dreambox DM 520/525HD


  • 1) Download the firmware that you want to install: DOWNLOAD
  • 2) Make sure that the firmware is xxxxx.tar.xz,
  • 3) Power-down the box in the power switch in the back,
  • 4) Turn on the power and quickly press and hold the standby button, the  standby light on the box will flash red/purple flashes and when the button is permanently red, please let it go,
  • 5) Memorize the IP that appears on the TV screen,

  • 6) Now on your web browser on your PC enter the IP of your box,

  • 7) Now, press the "Firmware Upload" and Browse the firmware that you want and start the flash process.

  • 8) Press Start and wait till it finish and then press "click here to Reboot" and it´s done.

Guia em Português:


  1. Good morning, I installed this image on my dreambox 520 HD, but it gave an error, now it has the red light on and it does not start.
    Can you help me please how?

    1. Hi Gaspar. I have the same problem. Did you repair your dreambox somehow ?

  2. I have the same red light on my original dreambox 525HD after custom firmware. Is there a way to restore an original loader via mini usb service cable ?

  3. Same here with a dm525 combo. Flashed dreamelite 6.0 and after booting red button and kernel panic in log.