Tuesday, August 23, 2016

GUiDE: How to convert a CCcam line to use on OScam

CCcam was once the top Softcam, but due to lack of development, and not followed the recent developments of the various encryption system, was then that OScam stood out for having constant development and for responding to new methods of encryption. And now we show you the simple way to convert a CCcam line to use on OScam.


Ex: Your CCcam line:  C: 135000 mysatbox guide


label                          = proxie
protocol                     = cccam
device                       =,135000
user                          = mysatbox
password                  = guide
inactivitytimeout       = 30
group                        = 1
cccversion                 = 2.2.1
cccmaxhops               = 2
ccckeepalive              = 1
cccreshare                 = 1

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