Tuesday, June 28, 2016

FW E2: Unofficial OpenPLi 4.0 Beta with new Gstreamer (28JUN16)

The user MastaG is developing a new experimental image based on OpenPLi, that brigs alot of new things, including the latest Gstreamer, that improves IPTV on Enigma2, and you can test it on your equipment.

So here's whats up:

- Brand new bootlogo thanks to .:MarcinO:.
- OpenPLi enigma2 rev: 4bf2f1e45593065f9e2b4563f30463487b727c94
- OpenPLi oe-core rev: d76cfe6a39c6613ac77578840b214f0f1e748a39
- Taapat's Fulan enigma2 rev: 2a984c500f5b2ea657f68742b7dc4e47f5586483
- New receivers supported:
 * osmini
 * osminiplus
 * spycat
 * spycatmini
 * et7000mini
 * xpeed lx
 * xpeed lx pro
- New feed server located in Europe thanks to the Japhar team!
- New Japhar IPTV list
- No more use of UPX compression on ARM platform (should fix the Vu+ Solo 4K build)
- Latest gstreamer 1.9 revision from master branch
- FFmpeg 3.0.2 with extra options enabled (based on oe-e recipe)
- Kodi 16.1 for Vu+ Solo 2, Solo Se, Duo 2, and Solo 4K (thanks to mx3L for his bsp + recipes)
- More wifi drivers (mt7601, rt7777 etc..) taken from oe-alliance
- Slightly newer v4l modules for kernel 2.6.18 (dm800)
- New version of mx3L's serviceapp now supports EPG and embedded subtitles
- New version of exteplayer3
- Flash extender PPanel for dm800, dm800se and dm500hd (* Please read below)
- Many other changes I forgot to mention...

Known issues:

- On spark7162 (and 7111 probably as well) fragmented streams such as hls (m3u8) will skip and freeze a lot.
  This happened sometime after the official Gstreamer 1.8.0 release and I didn't found the cause yet.
  It is not related to the dvbmediasink since it doesn't happen on mips receivers and the code in the dvbmediasink didn't change.
  Configure your streams to play with exteplayer3 instead, read below.
- Some Dreambox remotes may behave very sensitive.
  This causes button presses to register multiple times instead of just once.
  As a workaround you can adjust the key interval:
  Go to: Menu - System - Input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
  Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
  Set "Interval between keys when repeating:" to 200ms or 300ms.
  Press green button (OK)
  Now set the same delay for: "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" as well.
- DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.

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